Thunderclash Turbomaster
KO Version. The brown plastic is fragile, may come broken.
Thunderclash died 10 years ago. Death just hasn't built up the courage to tell him yet.

The greatest Autobot that ever lived has basically kept the Cybertronian war from tipping in favour of the enemy. He helped their greatest medic pass his medical exam, carried the icon of leadership when their leader could no longer do so, and eventually, was mortally wounded saving a planet of Kittens. He's just that kind of a bot!

To survive, he was hooked up to a giant life-support machine, which wirelessly powers him, though he must remain in close proximity to it at all times. If he uses his full power, or strays from his support trailer for too long, the metal in his body will slowly crumble to dust.

He is Kind, Selfless, honourable, Brave, Handsome and enough to make you sick!

His earth mode is based on the time he spent in Europe. The colour scheme having been picked out by an artist he saved in Spain in the 1980s. He can't say he's totally thrilled with it, but it would be churlish to reject the man's kind gift.

What a 'bot!
ABS (Hard Plastic)
This guy is great! He's full-size, and best of all, the unique missile-firing mechanism works! All stickers were applied.
Figure is not without some KO issues (poor tolerances & brittle gold plastic), but I have no complaints. Just don't drop him, and transform with care. Some joints are very sticky the first time.
Would suggest locating a scan of the instructions before you attempt to transform him.
Awesome figure. Normally quite hard to find. He came with all the accessories and stickers applied. Can't recommend this guy high enough.
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