TFP OS Optimus Prime
TFP OS Optimus Prime V2
TFP OS Wheeljack
TFP OS Wheeljack V2
TFP OS Wheeljack V2 Yellow
TFP Prime Partsformer
TFP Rumble Blue
TFP Rumble Yellow
TFP Set 3
TFP Ultramagnus Bulkhead
TFP Ultramagnus Bulkhead Red
Qty: 1
TFP Ultramagnus Scouts
TFP Ultramagnus Yellow
TFPBH Bulkhead and Trailcutter Set of 2
TFPBH Bumblebee Big
TFPBH Bumblebee Oversized
TFPBH Bumblebee Prime
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TFPBH Bumblebee Voyager
$9.99   $5.00
TFPBH Bumblebee Voyager Blue
Qty: 1
TFPBH Deluxe Bumblebee
Qty: 1
TFPBH Deluxe Bumblebee Blue
TFPBH Deluxe Bumblebee Red
TFPBH Deluxe Optimus Prime
TFPBH Deluxe Optimus Prime Green
TFPBH Deluxe Prime Purple
TFPBH Deluxe Trailcutter
TFPBH Deluxe Trailcutter Green
TFPBH Deluxe Trailcutter Yellow Huffer