TransBlasters Set of 5
Working soft dart guns that transform into robots. Diecast grip.
When you "Need Every Robot Fighting" The TransBlaster team don't just pack the biggest guns, they ARE the biggest guns.

Studying the technology of every fallen opponent, this team of nameless individuals seek only one goal. To become better weapons.

They remain separate entities to gather the intel and parts they need, but when hubris brings them to think they have achieved their pinnacle, they combine to form the ultimate armament. Ignoring petty sides, all who oppose them are the target. Only in defeat will they separate again, and begin their search for newer and deadlier technologies.

Fires real foam darts. use caution in public.
ABS (Hard Plastic)
What to say about the TransBlasters? Possible the best original Toys on the site. Each working foam dart gun is unique with a completely different transformation and robot form. Solid metal parts (mostly in the grip but occasionally elsewhere) really add an early diaclone/G1 feel to the figures. Articulation is pretty decent but nothing special and they lack foot swivel so they all stand a bit funny when posed.
Unfortunately the combiner mode is a bit of a bust, really tricky to get it together and feels like it's going to break the figures themselves. Once locked into place there's also 0 articulation, it's just a show piece that'll slowly warp due to the metal pieces on thin plastic. This along with the large *not pistol* robot honestly being the weakest of the set push the score down to 5. The individual 4 robot pistols are all highly recommended and with the difference in price it's probably still worth getting the set of 5.
Yes they come with packed with plenty of darts and they shoot damn far.
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