Roadbots Estima Red 1:24
Happy Well Roadbots Estima Red 1:24.
ABS (Hard Plastic)
This is quite a fun figure from Happywell's Roadbots line. The scale is 1:24, so it fits in quite well with an Alternators, Binaltech, or Human Alliance collection. It seems mostly well put together, with a glossy, high quality ABS plastic.
The vehicle mode is nicely detailed with rubber tires, opening doors, and a well sculpted interior. The headlights are clear plastic and light up, due to the weapon that stores in the front end (though the light is red, for some reason).
The robot mode is nicely sculpted and well proportioned. The head turns left and right. The shoulders have a ratcheting swivel for forward and backward movement, as well as a swivel just below that to allow movement to the sides. There is a bicep swivel and an elbow that bends 90 degrees. There is no waist articulation. The hips are on ball joints, but are limited in movement by a "skirt" made up of the rear doors of the vehicle. This also restricts knee movement, but can probably be fixed by using a Dremel to trim the outer corners of the rear seats. Weapons include a light up gun from under the hood and a shield (which is basically the roof of the car).
The toy also comes with clip-on armor for the robot mode, which reminds me a lot of the armor from the Ronin Warriors toy line. There is a helmet, chest plate, codpiece, bracers, & shin guards, all done in a metalic blue finish. There are also shoulder pieces that appear to be weapons systems. It looks like they were sculpted to be rocket pods, but to me really resemble speakers. The armor itself is made of slightly lighter weight plastic than the main figure and does not store in vehicle mode, so it will probably not be everybody's cup of tea.
Overall, I think this is quite a fun toy. It is a good design that I believe can be made great by a bit of light modification. I look forward to trying more of the Roadbots lines, especially in the 1:24 and 1:32 scales.
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