DW M02 Mercenary AoE Hound Addon
Meant for regular sized AoE Hound, may also work with OS Hound.
ABS (Hard Plastic)
My voyager Hound looks really good with the add on mercenary kit although it will not fit on the OS Hound I tried it if Dr. Wu made a OS of the mercenary kit I will be glad to have it on my OS.
A fun set to add to your Movie Hound. It definitely fit onto the standard size voyager Hound but what about the mush talked about Oversized Hound?
It work. Kind off.
The waist strap on this set actually goes round Hound's waist without much problem. the problem lies in the shoulder straps. for the Oversized, the straps are too short to do over the shoulder proper and reach the connectors on the waist strap.
But there IS a way round it. Mid transformation, before tabbing the arms to the front cab, fit the accessory set by doing up the waist strap and looping the shoulder straps JUST around the wing mirrors, then tab the arms onto the front cab, and thereby locking the straps in place. The set still fully function, and still adding the bulk to the body that the toy is missing from the movie.
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