TFC Aerialbots KO OS Superion
KO Version.
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ABS (Hard Plastic)
Really awesome. Very strong ratchet joints for the arms and legs of combine mode, pretty good plastic quality because of such large size, about the same size as combiner wars devastator. The jets are beautiful and the size of the masterpiece jets. I rounded the edges of the octagon shaped shoulder posts which allowed the arms to rotate and click without having to remove and put back on. I also shaved a tiny bit of the lower leg armor so now he has a complete 90 degree knee bend.
A behemoth of a combiner. He dwarfs everything else I have. Nice details, but the paint is a bit splotchy in some areas. His shoulder joints don't rotate it would seem. If you want to raise his arms, you'll have to disconnect and then reattach them in the position you want. His legs and head have good articulation, which means the arms refusal to rotate is a bit disappointing. Overall he is sooo big, and still very awesome!
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