TF4 AoE Hound OS
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KO Version. Diecast parts.
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Too big for the movies, this mechanical mercenary is a one man gunshow.

From his bristling bullet beard to his sleek chromed head, this big blocky brick of a bot is on a mission to hunt down the enemies of all things decent, acting as judge, jury and executioner.

Armed to the teeth, he'll smash, bash and crash any transgressor, and if melee madness doesn't suffice, he'll just drive straight over them. On the battle field it's just smash, cut, smash, cut. Never pausing to even wipe the spilled energon from his optics, he is fueled by a rage of extinction.

Even though He's King Of the Beat Down, he's equally at home with fire arms, and the distinctive "thew thew" of his laser cannons bring fear into the sparks of smaller roboformers and transbots everywhere!


This bot used to have long locks of bullet-braids, but they eventually clustered round his chin due to gravity.

This bot may have an unhealthy attraction to black and purple seekers.

This bot has had radical cortex-surgery to install a radio transmitter in his brain that constantly feeds it brain intergalactic alien heavy metal.

If you don't think that the weapons this bot is packing are quite enough to take on the army of opponents and challengers, feel free to add this set to your basket.
ABS (Hard Plastic)
Love him and the gold paint, must get if you don't want to get a voyager version of him, but if you do get the voyager get the Dr. Wu mercenary kit he looks much better with it.
A very nice alternative piece to the standard voyager size Hound. By upping the scale to a leader, it is now a hulking giant like it is on screen compared to the rest of the case. The inclusion of diecast, while not required, is greatly appreciated, and added extra heft to the figure, and greatly complement the rigid, extra thick plastic pieces as well. And that is beside the extra paint application and decals.
The only complain I have is that the clip for one of the wheel is not molded fully, and therefore didn't hold the wheel securely, which is easily amended by thickening the tip of the clip with super-glue. That and the waist to torso connection is held by friction instead of pegging together, which is not a deal breaker at all.
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