Abominus TFPBH Deluxe
KO Version. Colours may vary. Latest has orange left leg instead of red.
PVC (Softer Plastic)
Awesomely sized representations of the Prime Abominus character. These are large deluxes with most of the detail carried over from the original to the KO. The combined form is scaled to MakeToys Giant, FP M3/Intimidator, MT Computron, etc...
Abominus is large and intimidating. The figures look great. It's good kitbash fodder (my intention), a classics stand-in (one of the few combiners without a third party set in production), or the missing link for someone looking to complete their normal-sized TF Prime collection (as Abominus only appeared in Cyberverse).
1) These are completely disassembled. It's not a big deal, but you will be playing the role of factory worker upon opening the box.
2) FLASHING - There is significant amounts of mold flashing on joints. There are a few that cannot move without popping off, due to excess plastic. A hobby knife or dremmel tool can easily fix this. However, be prepared to do some work if you want this to be a collection piece.
3) Only one head. The combiner head is also Hun-Grr's, which makes his proportions a tad odd.
First, the bad points: Blight (the red/orange leg guy) is a bit of a mess as the rotators that fix his torso halves to the back plate are rather weak. He's also been reengineered slightly to include a peg and hole on each side that secures the chestplate in bot mode. However the same pieces actively block the chestplate from securing in beast mode. He needs work to be secure and stable. Hun-Grrr only has one robot mode head for both himself and Abominus, but it actually looks alright in both forms. Rippersnapper's back won't secure in beast mode as some slots have been filled in that need to be open, this could be fixed with a small saw. My Twinstrike's chest is ridiculously hard to open to fold his head into. And a few odd bits need trimming or shaving to achieve a better fit.

Now the good points: This thing is huge!!! Easily big enough to fit with CHUG figures, they look really imposing in beast modes. The quality of the PVC plastic is good too, it feels really solid for the most part. The leg robots actually connect more securely than on the original, at least on mine, which was a pleasant surprise. The colours, whilst not toy or show accurate (though Rippersnapper has the colours of the Cindersaur repaint), are very nice and look good in person.

Overall, this is a good, if slightly flawed, set, but is worth the money, especially as the basis for a custom project to make a fully-poseable set of CHUG-scale figures (which is what I'll be doing).
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