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This website is for showing and making available to collectors, some of the interesting toys produced for the Chinese market.

SirToys is operated by an expat living in China who has been collecting these kinds of toys while in China since 2007.


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About The Products


Most of these toys were intended for the Chinese market, to be sold to children, get broken within the week, and then recycled into other toys.


The quality may not be what you might be used to in your country, please only order if you are knowledgeable on the subject of these kinds of toys, and if these types of toys are acceptable to you.


Due to the fragility of these items, please only order if you are willing to accept a certain amount of breakage and repair damage due to transit yourself. I might be able to send you parts from junkers in your next order. This also applies to missing parts and overall quality. You may enquire in a Problem Report.


There may be a lack of consistency in the colors or accessories included. These small factories change things without notice so it is very difficult to keep up with sudden variants. If you require specific colors you may add to want-list for verification.


We only recommend these toys to be used by adult collectors.


Since these toys have a limited lifespan in this market, most are produced for a very limited time, and only made available in this country, they can become a unique collectors item.


Items that are sent in their packaging will not have a mint condition package, I have never seen a truly mint condition package in China.


Items pictured in package will be sent in their packaging, items pictured without packaging will be sent without packaging. Unless otherwise noted.


If you would like the items in package or with cardboard flatpacked, add to the Want-List system before purchase to arrange for additional shipping costs.

We cannot guarantee stock amounts, because the checkout is hosted on paypal, it is possible 2 members can checkout roughly at the same time on paypal before stock amount is updated on this site.  If this situation occurs you will be notified of any delay before restock.


Our cart system has a limit for 1st time buyers, which can be turned off for regular customers if needed.


Price Drops.  If you purchase something and soon after you notice a price drop, let me know via the Problem Report system. Within 7 days a create coupon button will be available automatically on the history invoice page.


Price Matching. Use the want-list system for price matching.


Problems. Please login and use the problem reporting feature on the Invoice History page.



Order Delivery


We will require a day or 2 to process and prepare your items. Perhaps longer if an item is out of stock or hard to find.  We will then pass the parcel over to the shipping company.  They will process the parcel at their warehouse, and will send us a tracking number when it is ready to go. We will then add your tracking # to your History page. We cannot add the tracking number into paypal because of the time consuming and cumbersome tracking # upload system.


We will ship to your paypal address only, please be sure your paypal information is correct.


Preorder and Want-List items will require extra time for us to stock and ship the items. Time estimates may be noted in the product pages. If the preorder products cannot be stocked you will receive a refund for the preorder products. If your order contains 1 or more preorder items your entire order will have a status of On Delay (will not ship) until the preorder items are in stock.


Members may place an order as "On Hold" which means they intend for us to not ship their order until they place another one. To have an On Hold order ship, you must place a new not On Hold order so that they may be combined. There are restrictions on how many On Hold orders can be placed. There are restrictions on submitting new On Hold orders based on the age of existing On Hold orders.

Sample cart screen shot of an on hold order.


Since we are based in China, we cannot communicate with the customs department of your country, and we cannot accept returns. Please monitor your tracking number once a week. Add a problem report after 1 month. Please don't wait until 2 months when the paypal refund deadline has expired as I will need to pay a fee to send you the money.


We reserve the right to retain shipping charges for unclaimed parcels that are retuned to us. We are on the hook for the shipping cost to you and back.


If you have a problem with your order please use the problem report system on the order history pages. Please contact us before opening a paypal claim. Opening a credit card chargeback will cost us an additional $20 fee, so we will have no choice but to add you to a shared blacklist system sometime in the future.


The cart will be deactivated for at least 2 weeks during Chinese New Years holiday (~Jan/Feb) because the shipping companies will be off work. You can still login and add to cart.


Christmas/Birthdays. Please don't buy for Christmas or birthdays. I don't need the grief especially around Christmas time with your emails blaming me for ruining your child's Christmas or birthday. (You ignored the warning above about buying for children). Going down to your local hobby and collectable store to buy a toy for your child in person for Christmas is more meaningful than buying online (Even if it is SirToys).


Here are some packing material sample images. 

The box.

The padding.

The padding and box.



Affiliate Program


If you run a website or host a video channel that's related to the products we sell, and are interested in joining our partner marketing program please contact us. Our system will track clicks and tally sales, you will have the ability to generate one-use coupons based on percentage of sales to use for yourself or to give to others.






We reserve the right to revise or reject an order due to website software malfunction.  We reserve the right to refuse any order if you have provided any false information to us.

All prices in USD.


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