Roadbots are an original series by Happy Well.

These are the ones I am able to find at retail in China.

Want-List them if you want them.
Roadbot 3 Change Lion
Roadbots 3 Change Eagle
Roadbots 3 Change Elephant
Roadbots 3 Change Lion
Roadbots 3 Change Tiger
Roadbots Aerobot
Roadbots BMW M3-GT2 1:32
Roadbots Celica 1:18
Roadbots Celica 1:32
Roadbots Corvette 1:18
Roadbots Corvette 1:32
Roadbots Defender 90
Roadbots Dumptruck
Roadbots Estima Red 1:24
Roadbots Fire Engine
Roadbots Ford GT 1:12
Roadbots Ford GT 1:32
Roadbots Galaxy Defender
Roadbots Hummer 1:18
Roadbots Hummer 1:24
Roadbots Hummer H3 1:32
Roadbots Jaguar XJ220 1:24
Roadbots Jumbo Combo
Roadbots Jumbo Tank
Roadbots Kawasaki Ninja 1:10
Roadbots Lamborghini 1:18
Roadbots Lamborghini 1:24
Roadbots Lamborghini 1:32